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Red Wine

Most red wines are typically paired with foods with bold flavors. Red wines have a strong taste, and it needs food with an equal or stronger taste so you can taste the difference between the wine and the food. Pairings include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Sometimes this wine tends to be somewhat of a fuller bodied wine, which goes great with dishes such as red meat Also, roast or grill lamb is always a winner with this type of wine.
  • Merlot: This wine is best paired with turkey or roasted chicken. At Jonathan’s Ristorante, a restaurant in Huntington, we make a dish called Pollo al Limone that would go excellent with a glass of Merlot.   
  • Pinot Noir: Which is a lighter body of wine pairs well with seafood for example salmon or ahi tuna. Also, bright reds should be paired with a more fruity flavor such as salads or flatbreads.
  • Malbec:  This is more of bold red wine and is usually best paired with bolder food flavors such as Vegetarian stews, tomato-heavy chicken dishes, and fish like salmon

White Wine

White wines are elegant, simple and light. They should be served chilled, some to colder degrees than others. They are considered much more delicate than their red wine counterparts. That being said, white wines tend to pair well with lighter flavor so as not to upset the balance upon the palate.

  • Poultry: One of the easiest pairings you can make with white wines is by serving them with poultry. Most people think of chicken, but don’t forget about Thanksgiving, that roast turkey should be served with a white wine. Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and Riesling are all proper white wines to accompany any poultry from chicken to turkey to Cornish game hens.
  • Appetisers and salads: As white wine is a match for lighter fare, appetisers and salads are ideal companions for your glass of white. Just about any white wine will do to harmonise with these light tastes, particularly Chardonnay.
  • Cheeses: While red wine is a perfect match to the stronger cheeses, milder cheeses could do with a wine companion. All white wines with the exception of Chardonnay are proper to serve alongside a cheese plate of cream Havarti, gouda, and muenster cheeses.
  • Fish: Whether it’s grilled, baked, or sautéed, fish is light and therefore needs a white wine. Chardonnay is an obvious match but to expand your horizons, seek out a dry Riesling or a sauvignon blanc to truly enjoy the pairing.

As a rule of thumb, the lighter the food, the lighter the wine. So if you’re planning to host a dinner party, make sure to have your white wines chilled and ready for serving with appetizers and salads. And if your main dish is a heavier offering, have your bottles of red ready to go. Remember to indulge the way that tastes right to you. Some people prefer to stick with white wine throughout the course of their meal despite the changing tastes of the food from light to heavy and if that’s what feels comfortable on your palate, go with it.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines and food are a fantastic pairing. Whether it is a French Champagne, an Italian Prosecco, or a Spanish Cava, you will find remarkable food pairing options for various sparkling wines.

Why are these among our favorite food and wine pairings? The innate bubbles of sparkling wines offer an added layer of pairing versatility. At the same time, the coveted acidity of the wine carries rich, butter-laden fare even further on the palate.

Food Pairings

  • Sparkling wines come in many styles and Champagne is certainly the most popular of the lot. In general, most sparkling wine pairings can follow the suggestions for Champagne. These wines have the perfect balance of dryness, bubbles, and fruity cream to enrich any dining experience.
  • Rosé wines are one of the most versatile sparkling wines for food pairings. Contrary to a common misconception, rosé wines are not sweet and the majority have a perfectly dry palate that lends perfectly to sweeter food pairings.
  • Moscato d’Asti has a great perfume and light body with an extraordinary array of fruits. These characteristics allow the Italian wine to pair perfectly with delicious desserts
  • Prosecco has a much drier profile though it does not lose the fruitiness and it often has notes of apple, pear, and apricot. This helps the wine pair with a great variety of main courses.

Beer & Wine Coolers

Kosher Palate is determined to ease the beer and wine cooler shopping angst, by carrying many local craft beer as well as the big houses to offer a variety of kosher options .  Let Kosher Palate do the research for you and come in an pick up one the many Kosher options available on the market today.

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